Accounting App,

For a name that has the repute for the best services in online accounting and cloud computing, no one can provide better and economical services than MindooAccountax. With respect to the functionality of the services, the primary competitive edge that MindooAccountax has, is the customizable nature of the services that the company provides with respect to the individual needs of the customers. This is primarily why the company is able to deliver a cent percentile of customer satisfaction.

In order to further increase the satisfaction of the services that have been provided, the company has recently launched a mobile app for accounting to further manage the process and cater to the needs of the customers. Naturally, with the functionality on the mobile phone, the ease and the usability of the Application is unmatchable. Apart from allowing the user to manage the accounts while on the move, the application is supremely user friendly and has mindoodrop down menus that help you easily access the system. This perpetually relates to a complete connectivity even when you are on holiday. This means that even if you are out of office, the work does not stop.

Why should I use the App?

Well, simply because, the App is a cost effective way to ensure that the business is not really impacted with any internal and external changes in your life. We give you some of the best benefits that can be availed with the service.

  • For all the needs of a professional invoice, this App works the best. Make them in limited time and send them to the client end while you are on the go. This also helps you in keeping a close record of how much someone owes you and the payments that you need to make.

  • Brilliantly incorporated the “Auto -Email Chase: feature helps you track the services that are to be provided and the receipts that need to be chased. So there is no need to ask your assistant to remind you.

  • Manage all the expenses while you are moving. This would naturally help you stay connected even without a computer or a laptop.

  • Even better is the import function where in you can just import the excel document and all the reports and statements from the bank. And when you get the bank account details daily, naturally all your records are updated daily.

  • There is no need to design and develop expensive and complicated software for the company when the need to generate the results can be simply fulfilled on your mobile phone.

And in order to offer the best services to the customers, that are highly valued, a round the clock customer care service is available to answer all your queries, and guide you through the system. MindooAccountax understands that the best services are customer oriented and thus to increase the satisfaction of the customers, various other features have also been added to enhance the services. This new mobile App that has been launched would be effective in revolutionizing the business accounting to a great extent.

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