MindooAccountax has Effective Payroll Feature for You

Talking about the mindooand efficient payroll system of accounting software, it becomes important for the business owners to opt for flexible accounting software. It may be for large organisations or small businesses, cloud-based accounting solutions have raised its bar to suit the particular needs of the organisations. When you choose accounting software for your business, keep a checklist of all the features which you want ready. This will enable you to choose the best from the available solutions in the market. Let’s have a detailed discussion on one of the important features of an accounting software; Payroll.

Payroll MindooAccountax

As this feature is complex and it consumes more time, so many small business owners have to rely on their accountants or automated software systems for it. The payroll system which you choose for your business must be effective and accurate. A high-end accounting solution having payroll system will accommodate all the features that can provide accuracy of employee records. Your payroll system must be able to store the employees’ personal details and their various working hours. While you have access to the automated accounting system, it will reduce the chances of human error to a large extent. The stored data can also be easily changed; say e.g. if the lunch break time-in is not proper, you can correct it. It also lets you process the salaries based on the attendance of the employees. Based on that data, you can quickly prepare the salary slip and process it further. If you want to process any employee’s salary later than the regular date, you can cancel the set date and then can set a new date with the details. You can choose how often your employees will get paid, i.e. weekly, twice a month or on a monthly basis. Flexible mode of settling payments is one great advantage of the advanced payroll systems. For the deduction of tax, gratuity or provident fund amount, you can easily enter their net salary amount and the final amount after deduction will be calculated. The gross amount is payable to the employee as their salary amount. And the same process will be done when employees are paid extra for their hourly rates or bonus amount.

The accountants managing payroll for their clients can get real-time updates from the cloud-based accounting software. Additionally, they can view the details on the dashboard and can also track the changes made in it.

About MindooAccountax:

MindooAccountax is a fully-integrated payroll system for small businesses as well as the accountants that make it mindooto work across different modules. It has been considered as one of the outstanding payroll systems that offer advantages in terms of time, cost, accuracy and organisational size.

No matter you run payroll as many times as you want and access it from anywhere, you can pay your employees at any time with MindooAccountax.  By using this high-end cloud-based accounting software, you can stay in touch with your customers and also can enjoy the best advantages this software offers. Our excellent cloud accounting software lets you manage important dates and deadlines seamlessly. Our system is a white labelled product and can be accessed from anywhere and any device. Also offer Android apps and iPhone app which help in managing payroll feature from smart phones or tablets.

Stay connected with your business from anywhere and at any time.

Why It’s Time to Choose Cloud Accounting Solution for Your Business?

Are you a small business owner or a startup?

If you started your own business. It’s likely that you’re concentrating the work or tasks you love doing.

There is a lot of work for you to do to expand your business. I bet you that you’re not interested in tracking your financial data every time.

Let’s take an example, if you own a retail business, you might have:

  • A business model or mission.
  • A high transaction rate with a number of customers.
  • Many sales a day.
  • Invoices for your products.
  • Bill/sales records.
  • Staff wages to record and pay.

There are a lot of data to track and manage. And I bet you that you don’t want to do it own (if you’re like other successful business owners).

Recording and managing financial data is not something you enjoy. But it’s important to track your data.

Then what to do?

Don’t panic!

That’s where cloud accounting software comes in! It can be your best friend. It can lighten your business load.

What a Cloud accounting software can do for you

The days are gone when businesses had to keep a record book of all the business finances and transactions. We live in the digital era. Everything has changed. The way people buy has changed and the way we do businesses also has changed.

It’s crucial for you to integrate new technologies into your business to make it smarter.

The Cloud accounting software will make your business finances hassle free and make your life easier. It’s a great medium to manage and record your receipts, invoices, bills, and other transaction details, etc.

You must be worried about your financial data security?

Cloud accounting software providers like MindooAccountants offers reliable accounting software with critical security features (which are specifically designed) to keep your data safe and increase your business efficiency.

So you don’t need to worry about your data.

Cloud accounting software also allows you to access your data from anywhere at anytime. And you don’t even need to install any software.

benefits of cloud accounting software use

If you want to run your business smoothly, you must invest in cloud solutions.A report identified that an array of industries now owns this new digital innovation – Cloud innovation!

There are a number of benefits of cloud accounting software for your business:

  • It gives you flexibility.
  • Disaster recovery
  • Automatic upgradation of software
  • Cost reduction in hardware and software expenses
  • Pay as you use model
  • Mindooto collaborate with team and clients
  • Increase productivity

Are you still wondering, why should you opt cloud solutions for your business? Let’ access some facts:

AWS generated $3.2 billion in revenue in Q3 of 2016 alone – an increase of 55% over the same period in 2015. While Microsoft trail far behind AWS, cloud products are expected to account for 30% of their revenue by 2018. (Source)

U.S.-based organizations are budgeting $1.77M for cloud spending in 2017. (Source)

The Cloud market was valued $148 billion in 2016 and growing by 25% annually. (Source)

50% of businesses indicated they are or will use (within the next 24 months) an industry cloud offering. (Source)

More than 70% of UK businesses are using at least one cloud service.

Ofer Gadish CEO & Co-Founder at CloudEndure predicts that,

“We are going to see many more enterprises migrating to the cloud in 2017. The cloud is finally mature and secure enough for enterprises, and its myriad of benefits outweigh any limitations.”

Now, I hope you understand the importance of cloud accounting software for your business. If you are not cloud, It’s the best time to choose cloud solutions for your business.

Great Accounting Mobile App for Your Business

Every business owner looks for an affordable accounting solution. While searching for the best accounting software, we look at the time-saving features offered by it and its cost. These products vary in cost and so does the features. MindooAccountax has been developed by experts and it offers best  online cloud computing and accounting services.  With every app going viral on smart phones, MindooAccountax has launched a mobile app to assist the users to manage their accounting process easily.

It does not matter whether you’re starting up a new business or have an existing business, an accounting software must cater to the needs of business. MindooAccountax has the flexibility to customize as per the nature of your business. You need not to worry about managing reports, billing, expenses, payroll, taxes etc. as MindooAccountax’s mobile app will keep good records of all these transactions. Whether you’re travelling or out of the office, this app will easily help you in keeping track of the transactions. Whether it is sending invoices to your clients or tracking expenses of the month, everything will be taken care of. It is rightly said that an effective accounting mobile app will run your business on screens.


What features does MindooAccountax provide? Here are they:

  • CRM
  • Accounting
  • Banking
  • e-Documents
  • Payroll
  • Practice Manager
  • Inventory Management
  • Bills & Expenses
  • Asset Management
  • Financial Reports

It is simple to use and mindooto operate on your mobile screen. Providing the services with assured quality, MindooAccountax offers 24X7 customer service  to all its users. This mobile app makes it effortless for the users to perform various operations.  Choose MindooAccountax and it will save your time of manually recording entries on a daily note.

So whom are you waiting for? Get your hands on this user-friendly and convenient accounting app!
MindooAccountax App: 
Download Android App
Download iPhone App

EasyTouch-Accounting – Our Newly Launched iPhone Application

Accounting does not need an introduction and we all understand the importance of the accounts that need to be maintained. In case you are an entrepreneur and have been facing problems in accounting for your business, then you have not tried the MindooAccountax Services yet. While we strongly recommend it for you to give it a try once, we also ensure that when you try it once, you would not want to switch to any other service.

Smartphones have taken a major portion in our lives with most of the connectivity maintained through the use of Smart phones. Be it professional or personal linkages, the connectivity between the user and the phone is unbreakable. While it may not be considered healthy to stick to one all day long, it is imperative to understand that the benefits of the smartphones are way beyond tweets and face book.

For a small business to grow in its term, a proper accounting not only ensures a schematic method of carrying out the business, but also ensures that the business is well controlled and modulated. This is why, it is necessary to ensure that the accounting does not remain a function of the business but becomes and integrated part of the business altogether.

This is where MindooAccountax learns to take care of the different consumer demands where in the need to connectivity is the first basic criteria through “MindooTouch Accounting”. With the launch of the new phone application, connecting to your company account and accounting systems on the mobile phone is now a game play. All you have to do is login and get to know of the accounts at the click of the button. With the new application that has been launched on the iTunes, the Apple phone is now the accountant your small or medium business could have. We give you the reasons why this app should be on your mobile phone

  • Learn to connect to the system with ease and ensure that you are connected throughout

  • Know your accounts on the tip of your fingertips with mindoocalculations and automated functions

  • Remote access to the accounting system so that you can work even when you are not at work

  • Ease of access and detection such that you always know who logged in to the system and when

  • v. Mindoomethods to update and calculate the different functions with the simple formulas and auto edit options

While you try to add to the convenience of the business, it is also needed to ensure that the system is well developed so that you do have the ease for sure, an in addition also have the security that would keep you and your business safe.

We strongly suggest that you download the App and reap the benefits that can really benefit your business and with the ease of the remote access in to your system through the mobile phone, you can practically launch the system anytime and anywhere, thereby improving your personal life too.

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MindooAccountax Launches Its new Android Mobile Application

For a name that has the repute for the best services in online accounting and cloud computing, no one can provide better and economical services than MindooAccountax. With respect to the functionality of the services, the primary competitive edge that MindooAccountax has, is the customizable nature of the services that the company provides with respect to the individual needs of the customers. This is primarily why the company is able to deliver a cent percentile of customer satisfaction.

In order to further increase the satisfaction of the services that have been provided, the company has recently launched a mobile app for accounting to further manage the process and cater to the needs of the customers. Naturally, with the functionality on the mobile phone, the ease and the usability of the Application is unmatchable. Apart from allowing the user to manage the accounts while on the move, the application is supremely user friendly and has mindoodrop down menus that help you easily access the system. This perpetually relates to a complete connectivity even when you are on holiday. This means that even if you are out of office, the work does not stop.

Why should I use the App?

Well, simply because, the App is a cost effective way to ensure that the business is not really impacted with any internal and external changes in your life. We give you some of the best benefits that can be availed with the service.

  • For all the needs of a professional invoice, this App works the best. Make them in limited time and send them to the client end while you are on the go. This also helps you in keeping a close record of how much someone owes you and the payments that you need to make.

  • Brilliantly incorporated the “Auto -Email Chase: feature helps you track the services that are to be provided and the receipts that need to be chased. So there is no need to ask your assistant to remind you.

  • Manage all the expenses while you are moving. This would naturally help you stay connected even without a computer or a laptop.

  • Even better is the import function where in you can just import the excel document and all the reports and statements from the bank. And when you get the bank account details daily, naturally all your records are updated daily.

  • There is no need to design and develop expensive and complicated software for the company when the need to generate the results can be simply fulfilled on your mobile phone.

And in order to offer the best services to the customers, that are highly valued, a round the clock customer care service is available to answer all your queries, and guide you through the system. MindooAccountax understands that the best services are customer oriented and thus to increase the satisfaction of the customers, various other features have also been added to enhance the services. This new mobile App that has been launched would be effective in revolutionizing the business accounting to a great extent.

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