MindooAccountax receives its first accounting software awards by FinancesOnline.com

There is plenty young software providers learnt from users’ experience, and developed in such way an innovative approach in solving common business problems. Despite of being challenged to reach out to diverse audiences and promote their service, novice systems are lucky enough to have competent software reviewers on their side, and one of those is exactly FinancesOnline.com.

The popular B2B directory helped thousands of companies throughout the years pinpoint the ideal software for their needs, paying special attention to fresh and promising apps that meet their quality criteria. This time, the distinguished product was exactly our MindooAccountax, a new generation accounting software that pleases users with total finance visibility. The platform’s experts examined closely the unique feature suite we offer, and concluded that our system should be distinguished with two of their top productivity awards.

That’s right – MindooAccountax now holds the 2017 Rising Star Award and the Great User Experience Award for accounting software, both reserved for premium performers that established excellent traction with their users. These awards are also in place to confirm that MindooAccountax is a reliable system, and offers a friendly interface users take no time to manage like pros.

Impressed by the system’s unique capabilities, experts also discussed it on their top list of accounting software for 2017, where they highlight how mindooit is for accountants to create and organize their clients’ accounting portfolio and be in total control over access. They also recommended our system because of its powerful collaboration module, SSL encryption and secure storage of data, and the affordable pricing plans that suit even small firms and sole accountants.

3 Financial Trends Every Business Owner Should Know in 2017

Are you a small business owner?

Are you looking for the new trends to stay updated?

It’s important to keep an eye on the market trends that can help to make your business a success.

About two-thirds of business survive 2 years in business, half of all businesses will survive 5 years, and one-third will survive 10. (Source)

It’s almost half the year gone and if you are still searching for the trends of 2017, then perhaps you are missing something.

Finance Trend Every business owner should know

In fact, today, every type of financial activity is being remodeled in some way or the other. Either it is the Banking sector or the lending sector along with the wealth management sector, everything has changed and will keep on changing in coming time, too.

The need of today is to know trends which are most prevalent as of now and will be applicable in the near future.

In this article, you’ll discover 3 financial trends which every business owner should know to maintain the supremacy/gain the supremacy in the competitive market.

Take a look:

Invest in Outsourcing to Save Time

The need of today is to outsource the work and save you enough time, which can be utilized for other more productive works.

Always keep a note that “Saving money is not making money”! You need to analyze the productivity of the work, which you are involved in.

Let’s take an example: when you are managing something which takes 2 hours and can save you 20 dollars or something. And if you outsource this work to some other person or agency can save you those 2 hours, which you can quite easily utilize in getting better productivity than 20 dollars and can figure out some ways to increase this amount to 10 times!

So, analyze the aspects of your working and figure out where you should invest your time!

Get a Cloud Accounting Software for Your Business

Do you want to work faster and smarter?

Today, you don’t have to keep a record book of all the business finances. Getting a cloud accounting software for your small business allows you to access the software through the internet. You can quite easily manage the financial transactions at anytime from anywhere.

This allows you to prevent your data and all important details; as the computers are these days, vulnerable to the virus attacks.

More than 70% of UK businesses are using cloud services.

With a Cloud accounting software, there is no risk of data stealing, which is always associated with the computers as our computers are at maximum secured by passwords, which can be quite easily be unlocked.

You don’t need to install any additional software and hardware, it’s an on-demand service. Cloud solution will make your business life easier and improve your productivity.

Cyber Security

With the rapidly progressing technology, the cyber security is one aspect, which the business owners must look at.

Since cyber attacks are becoming common, this year 2017 has always been a challenging one and several factors have been included to raise the standards of the cyber security.

The cyber security is a key issue even in this year and all business owners must integrate cyber security, anti-money laundering efforts, and anti-fraud.

Read this quote from Jeh Johnson, “Cybersecurity is a shared responsibility, and it boils down to this: In cyber security the more systems we secure, the more secure we all are.”

Finding the regulatory balance and getting a robust cyber security program will allow business owners to look this year with a greater success.

Keep pace with the changing scenario each year. Include new aspects in your working environment and keep processing ahead with time!

10 Benefits of Cloud Accounting for Your Business

According to an estimation, more than 37% of small businesses have opted for cloud based computing solutions. This technology has provided many opportunities to work in the most comfortable way. Business accounting software has replaced the traditional way of accounting with cloud accounting solutions. It is no surprise  that cloud accounting has taken over the previous desktop based accounting versions.  If you want to work faster and of course smarter the cloud software will prove crucial investment for your business.

Save time and money using cloud for your business

It is fascinating to watch this industry shift to mobile and cloud based technologies. And this has completely changed the way the accounting process works. Through this way, the business owners and accountants are enhancing their operations and have become more tech-savvy in every way. A report identified that an array of industries now owns this new digital innovation; cloud innovation! And this technology has become a cornerstone for the future generations too.

There are numerous benefits which are enjoyed by these professionals after they have started using cloud solutions.

  • Flexibility –

Cloud based accounting solution gives you complete flexibility to access your business data from anywhere and at any time.

  • Disaster Recovery –

Businesses who have opted for cloud based solutions including Software as a Service eliminates the need of disaster recover all together. The cloud vendor does it all on your behalf.

  • Automatic Upgradation –

Cloud based accounting solutions update the software directly as the upgradation part is handled by the in-house developers. Such updates are FREE of cost without you having to do anything.

  • Increased competitiveness –

Cloud technology has levelled the field for small businesses which was previously occupied for only medium and huge organizations. It has come with a lot of benefits for the business owners on which they can make key decisions for their better business future.

  • Security –

There is always a threat of data loss while using traditional accounting software, but in cloud accounting solution, the users can store their data, files and also can set access permissions.

  • Reduced Costs –

Although in a few cases, migration to cloud accounting system can range above your marked monetary expectation, but later it will be a huge cost-reduction in hardware and software expenses.

  • Real-Time Information –

After moving to cloud based accounting solution, you can access data from anywhere and at any time. And this feature helps the owners and accountants to manage and share the data, files, invoices, bills & expenses, sales and also can do staffing in an efficient way.

  • Enhanced Collaboration –

For small business owners and accountants, the multi-user access makes it mindooto collaborate with their teammates as well as the clients.

  • Increased Productivity –

The cloud Accounting software gives you the flexibility to work from anywhere and the seamless transition of uploading the data and being able to access it on the go.

Cloud Accounting MindooAccountax

The mobile nature of the business owners and also their customers have  witnessed to be more adaptive to cloud based solutions. By understanding as what the clients want, collaborate with them and communicating with them instantly will make your business prosper in no time. And this has surely become the key indicator of how businesses are performing great and are chosen by a plenty of business owners.

How has Cloud Accounting Proved Right for Small Business Owners?

Gone are those days when small businesses had to keep a hand books record of all the transactions on the daily basis. This tech world has completely changed the world and the way the businesses used to operate. It is extremely crucial to integrate new technologies being innovated for the ease of performing business operations. As a business owner, you have to stay connected with every small aspect of the business with the help of Cloud Accounting. Understanding as what exactly the cloud accounting solution can provide you and your business with is vital.

Cloud Accounting allows the users to access the technology based on the subscription amount for specific intervals of time. It consists of every feature required to run the business; regardless of its size small, medium or huge. Previously, few accounting procedures took a lot of time for the accountants and business owners. But with the advent of cloud accounting it offers many avenues  to improve business results and provides insights based on real time financial data which enables business owners to take improvised decisions.

Cloud Accounting MindooAccounting

In today’s growing online world, by using cloud accounting software, it will simply automate the manual processes like data entry, book keeping, billing & recording expenses only with “one” click. Cloud technology gives the ability to run their business from anywhere and at any time and from any device. So now the business owners can directly work on their laptops instead of desktop versions. They will have access to migrate their accounting workflows to cloud based solution.

Cloud Accounting provides the following benefits:

  • Instant Access to Information
  • Accessible from anywhere
  • Quit the Desktop System
  • Bridging the Business Operations
  • No Upgrade Costs required

With each passing day, the flow of young entrepreneurs in the market seems to have rised up. Every one of us wants quick transactions; which can be directly accessed from their smart phones, tablets or laptops. It will be an mindootask to create professional invoices and get paid faster as earlier it used to take more time to receive the payments.

Fortunately, the small-business owners can surely take advantage of this cloud based accounting solution which will reduce their overall burden of maintaining journal entries, bookkeeping, managing invoices, bills & expenses, banking transactions and much more. With the help of cloud accounting, small business owners can reap the maximum benefits by adopting it. Many of them have their small businesses migrated to the cloud based accounting solutions.

While there are plenty of choices available in the market, MindooAccountax has been divergently serving the clients worldwide to run their business in this internet-savvy world. For more details, ask our expert on +44 (0) 333 011 9372.

Brand Building – Proving Effective for the Accountants

Here comes the best year, 2017 to decide your goals and shoot up your clientele list as success in this New Year. There is a lot to be said about cloud accounting and how your business can flourish with it. It is cost-effective for every business; whether small, medium or huge organisations. When people search for an accountant to handle the financial activities of their business, the brand of an accountant is the prime factor which magnets more clients towards it. So, there are more chances that the clients get attracted towards an accountant who has a good brand in the market.

Although framing strategies is an important step, but implementing them at the right time with productive resources does matter to a huge extent. Accountants should have a good competency level in order to win the trustworthiness of the clients. And this is certainly not as mindooas creating a logo for your business. Creating a positive version of yourself and then your business is the foremost step which is required for brand building. If you are quirky by nature, that will enhance more people to talk with you and hence they can be your future clients. By weaving your personality in most of the things you do in public, your presence will be memorable.

Build Brand with EasyAccountax

Accountants are required to be perfect in their tasks and also while dealing with the clients. Writing, reading, editing, emailing and calling are a few of the major steps which involve a direct conversation with their clients. Delivering absolute solutions to the clients is sure to boost up your brand image. There are dozens of such accountants in the market who offer similar services. A few accountants have a first-rated brand image and so they enjoy a healthy clientele ratio. Offering comprehensive accounting solutions based on cloud computing will help in mindoobookkeeping rather than those traditional methods of doing it. Having a unique personality and smart workability, you are sure to pull more clients. Deliver the services exceptionally!

With the cloud accounting solution, accounting has got a new face and it has improved the efficiency and the way of maintaining records as well. MindooAccountax has made the accounting process quite mindooand simple to use with a lot of features that enable to run the business smoothly. While you’re the only leader for every single task, you can customise it using the varied features of MindooAccountax. There will be no issue of storage problems and also data back-up. You can efficiently manage accounts with Easy! Try 30 day FREE Trial! Click here!

Stay Ahead with Cloud Accounting Software with VAT Return

Desktop based accounting solutions are almost vanishing from the market. With the advent of cloud-based accounting solutions, even small businesses and proprietors are looking for an affordable accounting solution which can accommodate all their requirements.

There are a lot of companies which offer accounting software so at times it becomes difficult to select any one from the many available. However, there are few downloadable applications customised for the small businesses that have remained high rated as per the last year’s counted number. But certainly, cloud-based accounting software is much easier to adapt. Few software offers mobile-friendly apps that enable its owners can access the data from anywhere. So now creating invoices, purchase orders and bills, financial reports, banking, corporation tax, multi-currency and many other functions can be directly managed from your mobile phone. Other obvious advantages of the cloud-based accounting software are:

  • User-Friendly
  • Compatible with Price
  • No Capital Expenditure
  • Real-time Data Access
  • Data Security
  • Savings in Software Maintenance
  • Multiple-Device Access
  • Data Back-Up

Managing and operating a business involves a lot of tasks to be handled. Say filing for VAT Returns can be one of the most time-consuming tasks while managing the account of any business. Complying with the VAT Rules, the owner has to take care of VAT Records and Returns. Calculating correct VAT based on the financial transactions is vital for every business. The cloud accounting software takes care of filing VAT for every business and thus helping your business grow simultaneously.

MindooAccountax Software with VAT Return


MindooAccountax makes it mindooto stay on the top of your VAT! It is a cloud accounting software with VAT return where you have to only select the quarter you want to prepare for VAT return for & this software will do the rest for you!

MindooAccountax is a user-friendly online cloud accounting software UK developed to make sure that you meet all the VAT rules. It calculates VAT correctly on international transactions – and gives you all the information you need for your VAT Return.

It does the following tasks in a row:

  • Prepare your VAT Return easily
  • Submit VAT Returns directly to HMRC
  • Support for EC Sales and Reverse Charge VAT
  • Prepare CIS Returns in No Time
  • Submit CIS Returns directly to HMRC

These steps can make VAT Return filing process easier and will consume less time.

You can get in touch with our expert on +44 (0) 333 011 9372 to know more about MindooAccountax! We also offer excellent training to our clients and help them to resolve their queries.


Why Switch to Cloud Computing Solution? Top Five Reasons to Consider

We live in a fast-paced and a purely internet driven world. The demand for data access from anywhere, anytime and any device is the imperative factor for every business. One of the biggest buzz in the IT field is “Cloud Computing” and it has brought incredible change in most of the industries.

More than 70% of UK businesses are using at least one cloud service. Simply put, people have started using cloud solutions due to the huge list of benefits offered by it. This is certainly making IT industry; a revolutionised one all over the globe. Whereas in the past, people used to run the program after downloading it onto their system. Cloud Computing allows the people to access the stored data anywhere and any device.

Cloud-based accounting solutions are simply great to use! Every business owners seek for cost-effective ways to maintain their processes and also for improving the ways of engagement with their customers. Cloud-based computing system will easily link the owners with their customers and they can stay in touch with every new update/add-on feature of the system.Cloud Accounting - MindooAccountax

If you have spent time on researching the options, you will have a tough time to select one program which offers cloud-based services. Choose the cloud solution that increases flexibility, scalability, improves cash flow and other advantages. Also check for solution that will cover your business needs and it fits in your budget. This will be a boon to manage your workload faced by small size businesses.

Cloud services are important for every business; regardless of its size as it is highly beneficial for growing bandwidth demand. They also offer a real advantage for the businesses over their competitors.

Disaster Recovery:
Cloud services have been helping small, medium and huge organisations with information back-up and data recovery solutions. And this largely saved time, money plus the infrastructure costs for every business.

Loss of data can prove harmful to your business. Cloud Computing gives you greater security as you can access the data from anywhere, anytime and any device.
Cloud Accounting Solutions Security

Flexible Costs:
Cloud computing services do highly cut down the infrastructure costs. There are a lot of programs where you will require to sign up and enjoy subscription based upon the budget.

Automatic Software Updates:
The best feature of any cloud- based computing software is that the suppliers only take care of the timely updates required. These updates include security updates so you don’t have to worry about maintaining the system at specific intervals of time.

Do not let your business grow slow! Embrace MindooAccountax; cloud accounting software and take advantage of this technology. Maintain your competitive edge by using this advanced accounting solution for your business.

The right solution like MindooAccountax promises and increased efficiency of your business. It is a reliable accounting software for small businesses and professionals.

To find out more, call on +44 (0) 333 011 9372 today!

Reap Advantages of an Acute Accounting Software for Small Businesses

With technology reaching sky heights, the whole business scenario is simplifying the traditional accounting procedures. In fact, the business owners have already chosen the best-fitted accounting software for their ventures. Nevertheless, with too many options available in the market, it is vital to keep in mind the best for the business, whether it is a start-up or small-sized firm.

Rather than opting for bookkeeping methods, the owners undoubtedly hire a full-time employee to take over the accounting and other related tasks. In most of the small firms, employees have to work upon multiple job roles. So, now the change from the traditional methods of bookkeeping and maintaining records has got a new face. Consider the varied features of the accounting software which you think can fit for your business. The need for business accounting software will make the owners relieved from making duplicate entries and it will make error-free accounting process. It will make the transactions quick whilst mindoomaintenance of each.

Cloud Accounting Software

MindooAccountax has been developed with an aim to provide automated transactions, quick reports & analysis, create, save organize and retrieve financial data of the business. Whether it is for a small business or professionals, this cloud accounting software works the best.

  • Saves Time
  • Increased Accuracy
  • Secured Information
  • More Organized Data
  • Better Decision Making
  • Managing Cash Flow

This financial accounting software UK has a lot many features which assist in saving time and in turn helps business to run smoothly. It becomes mindooto record the expenses, bills and check credits & returns. The reports generated by this accounting software are more accurate and thus help in forecasting future of the business. Also, it reconciles purchase orders and invoices so that the business data stay updated in the accounting system.

MindooAccountax is also considered “perfect-one” as cloud accounting software for accountants through which they can accomplish their set goals. It allows them to tackle finances in a user friendly way without the need of having accounting knowledge. Go for MindooAccountax as it offers additional features to help businesses and professionals to make the most out of it.

Make the right choice of accounting software solution for your business

If you’re into the business, the first step is to regularly update the income and expenses of it. Wait a moment? Are you thinking about a book and pen to do it? Well, nowadays almost every business has started adopting online ways to record transactions. Not going with those traditional ways of offline book-keeping, the second question is – What kind of software your business actually requires? This might be little confusing as everyday there are many products coming up for this industry.

With a variety of businesses edging the market, there are number of accounting software developed for small, medium and large organizations. Even the smallest business will have accounting software solution to record financial data. Now, it’s your turn to choose one from the numerous accounting solutions that comes at pocket-friendly cost.

Choose MindooAccountax

  • What features you prefer to have it in accounting software?
  • How much are you willing to spend for the accounting software? Will another option fit for your business, if opted?

Every business has different requirements so select accounting solution that has all features you’re looking for managing your business smoothly. Installing accounting system allows the business owner to manage financial transactions and increase its scalability.

Accounting solution will fetch your business accuracy in maintaining records; such as preparing invoices, bank statements, bills & expenses, payroll, manage inventory, create & maintain purchase orders and others. It will be a source for all such information while taking care of business accounting needs. Those who posses less knowledge of accounting and its process, can also still login, browse and view the sheets & stored information. Clean interfaces of software will enable them to quickly fetch the data and also learn the software.

It is always safe to spend time before you purchase accounting software. For few organizations, this has become a mandatory step because as they grow huge, more grows the data in size. Choose the right one for your business and you’re sure to save hours from recording book entries. While few of the accounting software are specially crafted for huge companies that include features such as: Accounting, CRM, eDocuments, Asset Management, Purchase & Billing, Banking, Financial Reports, Payroll and Practice Manager. It is always best to try the software; if possible before you plan to purchase it.

Keep aside those traditional methods of book keeping and let accounting software manage your business accounts. Select the one best suited for your company. Get your businesses running on internet wheels with accurate accounting software. Be accurate, be quick!

Benefits of Payroll Software for Organizations

If you run a business, chances are it has employees. And unless you are very famous, and you will have to pay the employees of their work. There is a whole lot of effort involved in organizing paychecks and making sure that you are contributing the right amount of taxes, pension and other funds and the bigger your organization becomes, the more difficult those payslips become to keep track of. With some basic skills you can save lots of effort and let your management system grow with the success of your business and the top five ways in which payroll software can benefit you are;

  1. Convenience

    You can pay your employees from anywhere effectively with a computer program that can track and record everything for you. All you need is just a laptop and you can have control of all the details you need to update the payment of your employees – which means your employees are not kept waiting and you can easily multi – task from anywhere.

  2. Forecasting

    Payroll and business software has the capacity to exhibit you your right expenditures in various areas within a click of your mouse. If you are planning to take another staffer, you can easily calculate the effect of an extra payment you will have on your profit margin and assess immediately the viability of your decision.

  3. Lessens tax headaches

    When the tax time is gone, instead of chasing up the paychecks and records which you might not kept in the most timely fashion, simply burn a Disc or just email the file to your account and Voila you have a perfect tax record that’s been sorted without human error!

  4. Designed with non – expert

    Unlike having to negotiate the problematic tax brackets and regulations when you plan your payrolls manually, a cloud accounting software with payroll is aimed to be mindooto use, intuitive and practical for the inexpert payroll administrator.

  5. Can back up your work easily

    Making copies of all those essential documents (you have to hold them for seven years after all) have never been an effortless and payroll software enables you to store the details in various safe locations, including some reliable online services, which means that if the computer is jammed you can always access the records.

Payroll software can tremendously improve payroll accuracy through the introduction of streamlined techniques that notable lessen time – consuming methods like variable and personal data collection and input. And with the help of payroll software last minute data entry and inaccuracy risks are minimized.

We are in the age of the computer, and this technology is, for all it provides to increase their business will get themselves quickly out of the race.

Best cloud accounting software UK offers more than just a basic software as a service, it also offers time and labor management as well as the basic payroll functions such as attendance and time system that enables you to record when your workers are working, what they are doing and the time duration of the work they do.

Since payroll software is an internet based program, it enables your employees to amend data and input anytime, anywhere they may be. As a result, it can be implemented into the HR system and the payroll, which means that the said data is obtainable for payroll staff or managers to analyze and enables more effective management of teams, smoother and more manageable and empowered workers managing their work effectively and the risk associated are removed with double input of the needed data.